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2014 marks Donna Jacques Temm & Peace of Mind's 10 years in business!
Throughout those years, a narrowing of focus has made way for a broadening of ability to reach a wider variety of client needs & preferences for avenues in attaining
a desired level of thriving and well being.
All sessions offer a common theme of enabling the overcoming of "blocks"
in order to reach full potential in all areas of living.
For those who are logically based "thinkers",
SA³SSY! Surviving to Thriving sessions create a very specific-to-you plan for overcoming challenges that block your progress.

For those experiencing "blocks" through physical, mental, and/or emotional symptoms as well as for those who are sensitive to their surroundings and are looking for an alternative approach to releasing these blocks, Energy Rebalancing sessions and On-Site Home, Business, & Land Clearings are an additional option.

Finally, for those looking for resources to aid them on their own journeys toward thriving and well being, I have a myriad of resources for support:

My personal memoir, You're Only As Sick As Your Secrets
Sexual Abuse Awareness, Prevention, & Intervention
My contribution to Healing From Within (in the Adventures In Manifesting Series)

Your Inner Temple A Guided Chakra Color Meditation CD
POWER YOUR LIFE Series Events for personal growth
Articles & Blog Posts for awareness & education

For an overview of offerings, visit the Peace of Mind tab.  Then feel free to explore the other pages within the site for a more in-depth understanding of each session.

It is my hope that not only will you find exactly what you are searching for but also the inspiration, direction, and guidance toward exactly what will be beneficial for you!  Begin here with my latest updates and offerings.   ~Donna

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SA³SSY! Surviving to Thriving

If you always do what you've always done,
you'll always get what you always got!

A VIDEO series to help determine if SA³SSY! Surviving to Thriving
is for you PERSONALLY!


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My meditation CD is available for purchase!  

As you are guided through 7 inner rooms, each with a focus on an activity and color to raise your energetic vibration, a release and realignment of your chakra system naturally unfolds.

**This meditation has a background of piano music
and is approximately 15 minutes long with a
2 minute Introduction.**

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To help you navigate through the content of this site, you will find pages containing specific information about my Peace of Mind Alternative Therapies practice ("Like" Peace of Mind on Facebook!) as well as other pages highlighting my published works including my personal memoir entitled You're Only As Sick As Your Secrets: Sexual Abuse Awareness, Prevention, and Intervention and my Healing from Within
book I co-authored with others in the bestselling Adventures In Manifesting series by Alska Publishing!

Adventures In Manifesting

 As a contributing author in the
bestselling Adventures In Manifesting Series...

It's like therapy and advice from a good friend all in one book! 
Give yourself and loved ones the wisdom for healing.


You're Only As Sick As Your Secrets

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 For Parents/Guardians, Professional Advocates/
Teachers/Guidance Counselors/
Childcare Providers,

Medical Professionals, Survivors...

My Personal Memoir